Car Security Marking

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THE best car security marking system

Make your car & personal property
5 times safer from theft

1 payment of £49.95 covers your car, 25 items and 3 tags for keys or luggage  FOR LIFE – that’s less than £2 each

NO extra payments, NO hidden costs

The Retainaguard security marking package is supported by Retainagroup’s 24/7 telephone service. It’s been in place for over 30 years, is used by 12 vehicle manufacturers and already protects over 14 million vehicles, all marked and safely registered.





Every 30 seconds a vehicle is stolen somewhere in Europe but thieves know that if they steal a car with Retainaguard security marking they’re far more likely to get caught so they don’t usually try. If a vehicle is stolen, Retainaguard gives a 64% better chance of getting it back and of the thief being arrested



It takes just 15 minutes to protect your car, then in another 15 you’ve protected your personal valuables such as laptops, phones, TVs, etc. So, in just half an hour you’re covered for life



We’ve made your security marking and registration steps really simple and easy. Your Retainaguard kit contains everything you need – just follow the step by step instructions and you’re protected

Future Proof

Future proof

Police Forces and insurance companies worldwide recommend security marking with Retainaguard’s car and property security marking working for you 24 hours a day, every day. AND, because it’s a code, not your vehicle reg, you can easily change your number plate or sell the car on with just a 5 minute phone call.

Proven Success

Proven success

The International Security Register (ISR) is a worldwide, secure and fully accredited database relied upon by owners, Police Forces, and the motor industry since 1982. Police regularly say: “From the Retainaguard number, we get the true ownership details within minutes”; “We wish every car manufacturer had their vehicles security marked”; “You never fail to deliver”